Parks and Gardens

St Davids Park
A short walk up from Salamanca Place, St David's Park is located on the site of St David's cemetery. St David's Park is a formal English style walled park and dates from the beginning of European settlement in 1804. This was the site of the first burial ground in Tasmania. The park was laid out in its present format in 1926 and contains numerous memorials, including one to First Fleet convicts who came to Tasmania and were buried here.

Princes Park
Walk east along Salamanca Place and you will find yourself in Prince's Park. Originally part of the strategic Mulgrave Battery in 1818, it was renamed Prince of Wales Battery in 1855 when and expanded to include the Prince Albert Battery higher on the hill. The modern Hobart suburb of Battery Point takes its name from the Mulgrave Battery.

Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens
On the fringe of the city centre, the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens are Australia's second oldest botanical gardens. Prior to European settlement local Aboriginal tribes used the site, and traces of their occupation are still apparent. A number of historic structures, including two convict-built walls, date back to the Gardens' earliest days.

Franklin Square
Franklin Square is a pleasant, small park in the centre of Hobart, diagonally opposite the Tasmanian Travel and Information Centre. A statue of Sir John Franklin stands at its centre. He was Governor of Van Diemen's Land from 1837 until 1843, and was also a polar explorer. He perished while trying to locate the North-West Passage. Location: bounded by Macquarie, Davey and Elizabeth Streets, Hobart.

Inverawe Native Gardens
Contains an impressive display of over 6000 water wise, low maintenance plants on the shores of North West Bay. The gardens were created primarily as a showcase for the natural flora of Tasmania. Plants have been placed in a semi formal landscaped design and walking paths give access to the vast array of plants in a natural woodlands remnant and a former tidal swamp that has yielded to rich, grassy flats.

Queens Domain
The Queens Domain, an area of elevated bushland close to the city, is the last remnant of Hobart s original native grassland. The natural woodlands and grasslands of the Domain provide habitat for native fauna and flora  as you enjoy the walk, listen for the cry of yellow wattlebirds and eastern rosellas, enjoy the cool shade of the casuarinas and learn about the area's variety of endemic vegetation.