Coming To Tasmania

Because it is an island, Tasmania is the only state of Australia that cannot be reached by road, unless of course you take the car ferry from Melbourne to the north coastal Tasmanian port of Devonport. This is a popular option for mainlanders as one needs a motor vehicle when touring Tasmania as public transport options are limited.
By Air


Travelling to Tasmania and Hobart from Australia's state capitals, and from overseas.

By Sea


All about visiting Tasmania by sea - from ferries, to yachts and cruise liners.

By Road


Travelling to Tasmania by car ferry, and to Hobart by road.

Travel Tips

Sydney, NSW

The cheapest way to Tasmania from Sydney

Incorporating Tasmania into a visit to Sydney or Melbourne is something many overseas travellers don't even contemplate - after all, it's overseas (well that's how many people see it, even though the flight from Sydney to Hobart is only 20 minutes longer than the flight to Melbourne). The perception is that it takes time out of one's travel schedule and money from the travel budget to fit more distant destinations like Tasmania in, but with a bit of careful planning and application of a bit of local knowledge, such is not the case. In fact there is a way to include a trip to Tasmania into a visit to Sydney that could well be cost you less money than if you stayed in Sydney! Not only that, you'll get a day or two sightseeing in Melbourne thrown in for free!

Melbourne, Vic
The Cheapest way to Tasmania from Melbourne

Just as you can reach Tasmania from Sydney without losing any daylight time travelling, and at a cost that can often be cheaper than staying in Sydney, visitors to Melbourne can do the same thing. The secret is to take the overnight ferry from Melbourne to Devonport. From there, you can hire car and drive to Hobart, or catch the coach direct from the ferry terminal.