Hobart: Wildlife

ZooDoo Wildlife Park
Conveniently located close to the iconic and historic village of Richmond, Zoodoo is an exciting hands-on wildlife park. The park is home to a large range of native, reptiles, agricultural and exotic animals including camels (though these days there are more wild camels in Australia than anywhere else in the world!), Bengal tigers and rare white African lions. If it is animals of the native variety you would like to see, all you would expect to see are here  koalas, emus, kangaroos, wallabies, rare albino wallabies, and of the cause, the most famous Tassie native of them all, the Tasmanian Devil.

Tasman Peninsula Wilderness Cruise
Tasman Island Cruises provides unforgettable three hour wilderness cruises along the spectacular coastline between Port Arthur and Eaglehawk Neck in southern Tasmania. The cruise travels beneath the highest vertical sea cliffs in the Southern Hemisphere and guests explore waterfalls, rock formations, archways and deep-sea caves. The coastline is part of the Tasman National Park and it is home to a variety of wildlife including hundreds of seals, migrating whales and abundant sea birds in their thousands.

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary
Kangaroos, koalas, wombats, quolls and of course Tasmanian Devils are just a few of the main examples of Australian wildlife on display at Bonorong. As you walk around this preserve you can grab a handful of food (from the many buckets placed along the walkway) and hand feed akangaroos. Enthusiastic guides provide informative information and assist in providing one-on-one experiences interacting with and feeding the orphaned and rescued wildlife at the wildlife rescue centre. Bonorong does such great work caring for these animals, a service support by the sanctuary's admittance fees.

Tasmanian Devil
Conservation Park

Come face to face with endangered devils, meet our little endemic quolls and pademelons, hand feed friendly kangaroos and join some crazy parrots in Tasmanian s only free-flight bird show. Our all weather nature trail will take you through a delightful native botanic garden filled with wild honeyeaters and wrens, past majestic eucalypts and streamside ferneries. Tasmanian Devil Conservation Patk is located at 5990 Arthur Hwy, Taranna, between Hobart and Port Arthur.

Bruny Island Tour
For an intimate encounter with the coastline of Bruny Island,Bruny Island Cruises coastal tour is highly recommended. The tour commences in Hobart for a full day cruise (8am  5.30pm) via Kettering and the Bruny Island ferry, and then to Adventure Bay, or it can be joined at Adventure Bay for the 3-hour 50km journey along the coast. Take a full day tour from Hobart and spend a day exploring the pristine coastline of the South Bruny National Park. Marvel at the natural wonder of the Breathing Rock and cruise through deep sea cave formations. Join the search for local wildlife including seals, dolphins and whales.

Tasmanian Tiger
The thylacine is one of the most fabled animals in the world. Yet, despite its fame, it is one of the least understood of Tasmania's native animals. European settlers were puzzled by it, feared it and killed it when they could. After only a century of white settlement the animal had been pushed to the brink of extinction. Since 1936, no conclusive evidence of a thylacine has been found. However, the incidence of reported thylacine sightings has continued. Although the species is now considered to be 'probably extinct', these sightings provide some hope that the thylacine may still exist.